The Keiro ‘Gateway’ Health & Wellbeing Centre – Teesside

Keiro’s mission is to provide an integrated pathway of care and support to increase independence, as well as services that help people to retain their independence. The next few years will see some exciting new developments for Keiro and its partners in the region. These developments will bring about a host of innovative new services and opportunities for people with neurological conditions living within the North East.

Expanding on our success at the Chase Park Rehabilitation Suite, Whickham, ‘The Gateway’ our new development at Middlehaven in Middlesbrough, is set to transform ‘step forward’ service provision for people with long term neurological conditions, brain and spinal injuries in the Tees Valley and beyond. The new state of the art neurological rehabilitation and specialist care centre, community hub, health club and range of housing options, also represent a £10 million pound investment within the local economy, which will bring in excess of 100 new jobs to the area.

This facility is located in close proximity to James Cook University Hospital to develop integrated service, partnership and pathway opportunities with this newly designated national trauma centre. The ‘Gateway’ complex and facilities are due for completion in early January 2014.