Preparing Business
To Scale And Grow

Analytical Process


Preparing Business
To Scale And Grow

Export-Led Growth


Preparing Business
To Scale And Grow

Profit From Our Insight

Up to 35% grant available towards business development projects.

Your business may qualify for support.

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Scaling business

Short, Medium & Long Term Support … We want to work with businesses who understand how we work and appreciate the way we do it.

Grow & Expand: Hands-on approach – Guides not signposts – Structured target driven processes – Growth strategy focus – Measurable results – Turn-key delivery.

Innovative step change: GV management system – Effective business critique – Impact driven improvement – Inspire business owners – Support at all stages – Increasing business value, always.

We believe that the hands on approach and the fact that all our results can be evaluated, and deliver impact and improvements, will inspire business owners. We offer support at all stages, making sure that whatever we give is value for money with defined outcomes.

Up to 35% grant available towards business development projects like those listed below. Contact us to see if your business could qualify for support.

Business Strategy


We clarify the thinking and direction with a unique, industry-leading analytical process; short and long-term goals defined and a plan to achieve them.



Getting your message and distinct value proposition right and directed to the correct target audience is always key for bottom-line results.



For any business a comprehensive sales plan is an essential element of successful development, we provide the tools that support growth.



Grow market share outside of the North-East, in the UK as well as overseas on a profitable basis – export-led growth, a passport to International Trade.

Digital Media


Direct and straight forward, building up your prospect list and business growth potential: a cost effective route through the digital maze.



Generate work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business and deliver the best solutions for you and your management team.

Human Resources


Creating programmes that get underneath the surface of well established structures searching out opportunities to expand and grow the talent within.



Improve your cash flow, cost base and customer relationships, driving your business risk down while driving business
value up.

Access Funding


Routes to finance is a key area of activity for Generate, we can give you valuable and time saving insights into the funds or grants that meet your needs.

Exit Strategy


Clarifying clear sight lines in dealing with an exit strategy for shareholders and the executive team form part of the early signposting and planning we offer.