Getting the right level of support aligned to business growth is more important than ever

Raising The Business Bar


Getting the right level of support aligned to business growth is more important than ever

Road Maps For Growth


Getting the right level of support aligned to business growth is more important than ever

Tomorrow’s Responses and Success

Generate Ventures Partners are turnaround and change management experts with extensive experience in multipul business sectors. Our mission is to provide clients with effective advice and guidance so that real change and sustainable growth can be implemented. Raising the finance required for change and growth is a speciality.

Up to 35% grant available towards business development projects.

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The importance of mastering change

The global markets we now operate in demand that organisations continuously evolve and change in order to succeed. So, the ability to master change will be a significant competitive advantage for organisations of the future. Change Management itself has evolved over the years too – and is now seen as a particular set of skills, methods and techniques that when used correctly can bring about effective change. We have been involved in developing and implementing Change Management support for transformational programmes in complex environments, for more than three decades and in this time we have developed our own, highly successful approach to change management delivery.

Generate is an independent change management operation, focused on improving your business

The Generate Ventures Partners has been providing support to clients for over 35 years in the delivery of business change & transformation projects, operational performance improvements, system implementations and M&A program management.

Business Planning Services

Bridging the gap between your business strategy and its effective implementation, Generate Ventures brings boardroom vision to every level of your organisation. We translate your ambitions into tangible, integrated themes, programmes and KPI’s – helping you to achieve your goals, and achieve them quickly and effectively.

Experienced business operational partners

We are business strategy partners with a wealth of experience in many industries, trained to operate in fast-paced and complex business environments. Our business support services cover the following areas:

  • Business overview and assessment
  • Business strategy and implementation process
  • Merger and acquisition including integration
  • Customer and market strategy
  • Organisational and IT delivery
  • Financial management
  • Business funding and grant applications
  • Turnkey projects and galvanising benefits
  • Sustainability for long term objectives
  • Interfacing structures with other professional sources


Business Strategy

Today’s businesses compete in an ever-changing environment, with new opportunities and threats arising at every turn. Technology change, increased regulation, globalisation and the development of international supply chains are just some of the factors driving change within domestic and international industry. It’s for this reason that a business strategy review can be essential.

As an organisation, the problems you face are unlikely to be due to an absence of opportunity and choice, but rather its proliferation. You must not only choose the markets you compete in and define how effectively you do so, but also decide how to deploy your finite resources to achieve progressive change.

Delivering successful business strategies

Generate Ventures business strategy partners work with you to help shape, develop and prioritise your strategic initiatives.

We support the implementation of business change, business improvements and transformation programmes in areas such as:

  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Marketing Focus
  • Targeting Sales
  • Going Global
  • Digital Media
  • IT Business Application Changes
  • Talent Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Ready Process
  • Fund Raising
  • Professional Service Briefing and Cost Reviews
  • Exit Strategy